It takes a teacher to raise a star.

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do."

- ´╗┐Steve Jobs

Dear parents and students,
I founded Rising Star Tutoring in 2010. I graduated from Fordham University with an MBA in accounting and Rutgers University with a B.A. in political science and English. I have over 10 years of teaching experience blessed with many success stories. I have always been passionate about teaching and helping my students whether it was with their homework and tests, or whether it was with their college goals. I teach kids from age 4 to college in all subjects ranging from math, writing, and science to PARCC, SAT/ACT and college application essays.

Rakhi Kakar

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I wanted to further the education of all children in my community. They come from North Brunswick, New Brunswick, Hillsborough, South Brunswick, Franklin Park, Piscataway, Edison, West Windsor and Princeton. I found that students were unable to understand a topic and needed more one-on-one attention. I decided to come up with a realistic curriculum where students could receive real time help.

I meet my students individually or in a small group so they can receive personal attention from me. I answer all homework questions and create worksheets to further their skills in particular areas. I provide an initial diagnostic with follow up assessments. I personally invest in my students and take the time to understand their needs.

Additionally, I create a pleasant environment where learning is fun and mistakes are appreciated. Where there is a mistake, there is a chance to learn. I take time to personally connect with my students. I make sure that my students feel comfortable with me and are able to ask questions or raise concerns. Every one of my students is unique and so receives individualized attention.

I find that my students not only excel in the subject they learn from me, but they start applying the learning techniques in other classes. They start excelling in other subjects besides the one I teach and even begin thinking about college with more energy than before. Some students start pushing for honors and AP classes. Parents personally give me feedback about how their children are applying themselves further and showing improvement.

Sign up with Rising Star Tutoring where we can help your son/daughter reach for the stars.

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What customers say...

"What a difference 6 months makes! My daughter had been struggling with math for the last two years. She had lost all confidence she would ever do well in math. That was when we found Rakhi. She has an uncanny ability to connect with her students, to precisely uncover the underlying problems and give the student the skills and confidence to succeed. We have proof. Six months with Rakhi has turned our daughter around. She has a new confidence and it is reflecting in her grade 8 math class. For the first time we see her smile instead of grimace with math. I just have two words. Thank you!"

Mrs. Patel, Parent
November 2018

"My child, had been performing below her grade level in Math during most of 5th grade. After only 6 months of tutoring with Rising Star, I can say with confidence my daughter has made significant improvement in her math grades. Not only have her PARCC scores increased from last year, she has been placed in advance level math in 7th grade. Rakhi has the patience and ability to connect with her students very well."

Aasia, Parent
September 2018

"Our daughter is so happy with Mrs. Kakar, who provided excellent Grade 4 PARCC math practice. We felt sure we were in the right hands with the improvement we saw. Even if there was a concept she did not understand, Mrs. Kakar provided follow up practice until there was improvement. What a wonderful tutor! Mrs. Kakar teaches wholeheartedly. We trust Mrs. Kakar with our daughter's education. Thank you so much!"

Excellent PARCC Math Practice
Mandira, Parent
April 2018

"Mrs. Kakar helped our five year old daughter learn how to read. Mrs. Kakar created fun ways to learn how to read. Our daughter would get bored if we tried, but Mrs. Kakar really knows creative ways to get kids learning. Within six months, my daughter was reading! I would recommend Rising Star Tutoring to anyone. Mrs. Kakar really pays attention and cares for our daughter. Mrs. Kakar tracks progress and always provides us with feedback. Truly we feel lucky we met such a wonderful teacher."

Exceptional Reading/Writing Teacher
Kavita, Parent
October 2017

"Mrs. Kakar helped our Grade 9 son with geometry in 2017. He started out well but started struggling. Mrs. Kakar provided worksheets and guidance for each practice problem. He studied her notes and really practiced. It took some months, but he improved. I wish we had started in September rather than waiting till two marking periods passed. We could not be happier."

Great Geometry Tutor
Mehr, Parent

"Mrs. Kakar has been helping my Grade 4 son in writing since 2017. She provided worksheets that improved his grammar and writing skills. Mrs. Kakar did not overburden my son with work. She gave enough work each week so he would improve. She teaches with patience and understanding. My wife and I are quite happy and remain committed to Rising Star Tutoring."

Excellent Writing Teacher
Ravi, Parent

"Miss Rakhi is a miracle worker! She turned my daughter around from being average in algebra to achieving an A by the end of the marking period. But that is not why she is a miracle worker. Miss Rakhi personally connected with our daughter and soon enough our daughter was pushing herself for Chemistry AP! Our daughter became so fond of Miss Rakhi and was succeeding so well after she took algebra and chemistry with her that we recommended she study ACT with her too. Then Miss Rakhi also gave college advice and encouraged our daughter to push herself further so she could enter the Pharmacy program. Our daughter became more ambitious with Miss Rakhi! We had to ask her what she did because we were so surprised by this amazing change in our daughter. It is really the love and passion of a teacher that makes a student go from average to great and that is what Miss Rakhi did for our daughter. We encourage all parents to look into Rising Star Tutoring and realize that your children are not just receiving an education, but they are receiving personal care and being pushed to higher standards. Miss Rakhi is one of the finest teachers we have had the pleasure of meeting and working with."

Suresh, Parent

"Miss Rakhi is a wonderful tutor. She is friendly and really cares. She helped me with 8th grade reading comprehension and my grades improved in school. Miss Rakhi created assignments for me that made me think more critically about the kinds of questions after reading a passage. Rising Star Tutoring is a great place for all kids of all ages. My brother joined as well and we found ourselves competing for higher grades!"


"Miss Rakhi is a great tutor! She worked long hours with me helping me get better each day. She would take time out of her day and devise a learning strategy that works best for me. She helped me improve my SAT score by more than 25%! Her methods not only work, but she is passionate in helping people."


"When I was getting ready to take my SAT for the second time, I decided to follow in my brother's footsteps and also sign up with Rising Star Tutoring. In addition to copious and effective practice, Miss Rakhi took an interest in me as a person, helping me think about my potential college and career choices. Overall, Miss Rakhi's tutelage helped me raise my Math SAT score to 710."


"Miss Rakhi helped me excel for the MAP standardized exam while I was in middle school. I jumped so many points from my earlier score that my guidance counselor decided to recommend me for honors Algebra! Miss Rakhi helped me achieve my goal. Miss Rakhi created a personalized curriculum for me which helped me improve my score significantly. Not only did she help me in math, but Miss Rakhi also connected with me personally. She is easy to talk to and learn from. I left another tutoring place for RST. My sister and I joined Rising Star Tutoring together."



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